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 Posillipo Slot Car was co-founded by the two brothers Gey & Cla, back in 1965. Since then, our aim has been to enjoy and share our enthusiasm for slot car racing.

Now Posillipo Slot Car has entered the 3D printing to share with you their experience

Why choose the Posillipo 3D Designed chassis for your slot car?

To have fun discovering and enjoying a fresh experience tuning slot cars that are easy to handle and drive.

And .... To challenge your ability to be faster than your competitors

Posillipo Slot Car does not care about entering any kind of competition with the other manufacturers. Posillipo Slot is there only for supporting you in having fun and enjoying slot car racing.


Posillipo Slot Car


The official birth of the PSC was December 27, 1965, when the first nine races of the championship of the year were recorded in writing. Since then, all the races, track records, the annual rankings have been recorded and saved.

Posillipo Slot is not a conventional Club. You become a Lifetime Official Member, only if invited or granted to race under the Posillipo Slot name. You cannot buy the membership, as there is no fee at all, in any circumstances.

During the club's several decades of life, and on top of the Home Races, the Posillipo Slot drivers participated to more than forty 24 hours Endurance races, both analogic and digital oXigen, earning podiums, and victories.





Alberto Elli. AKA Lidèr Maximo to host me in his racing team Ginetta as a driver.

Angelo Rossi. The one who was used to warm up tires before the race. Eventually, quite a few years later, Formula 1 discovered the trick

Antonio Aliberti of Alibaba Slotcar Shop. For his suggestions, the technical support in the development of the design and being the test driver all along the testing campaign.

Claudio Biacchi. AKA "Il Prof". For teaching me that the best tuning of a Slot Car is there, it works fine, although invisible.

Claudio Marchese. The very first to host in his Slot Car Club, in Naples, one race of the official Italian Slot Car Championship.

Christian Molteni. To drive on my side, mostly in Bruxelles

Giampaolo Germani. For his contribution to the victories in the name of the Posillipo Slot Car

Giovanni Galeno. As an unrivaled example of an opponent on the track and a friend in life

Marco Guerreri of Nonno Slot & nonnoslot. As an example that Slot Car design can be a One Man Show but appreciated by many

Marco Scatena of Piste Elettriche Gubbio. for his contribution to the victories in the name of the Posillipo Slot Car

Marco Rizzi of Area 71. As an example of designing something original and unique.

Maurizio Ferrari of Slot it. For giving me the opportunity to be an active part of the slotcar endurance European Championship.

Pascal Fluckiger. The fastest and most constant co-driver I ever had, and to show me his huge collection of slot cars.

Roberto Bulzoni. An absolute and reliable fast driver, an example of honesty and frankness. A true gentleman.

Roberto Rossi For his contribution to enhance the fairness of the internal race rules of the the Posillipo Slot Car.

Vittorio Santoro. For his contribution to the victories and pole positions in the name of the Posillipo Slot Car.


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